Our Clubs

Southwater Infant Academy

Based at Southwater Infant Academy our first club opened in 2006 and serves the children and families at Southwater Infant and Junior Academies. In 2014 we were thrilled to be rated Outstanding by Ofsted, a recognition of the commitment of our experienced and qualified staff to provide a great experience and meet the needs all of the children.

The club is run from the school hall with breakfast and snack served from the large kitchen at the rear of the hall. Setting up the room at the start of each session means we are constantly changing the activities for the children and how we provide them, keeping things fresh and varied. During the afternoon infants and juniors have their own spaces to pursue games and activities best suited to their age groups. Outside we have the choice of the playground, paddock, ball space or field to give the children the chance to run off excess energy, play group games and sports activities. Being situated on the school grounds means children can attend other after school activities in either school and join us when they are finished.

This club opens from 7.45am until 8.50am and from 3.15pm until 6.00pm.

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Holbrook Primary School

Our club at Holbrook Primary School has grown rapidly since it opened in 2010, as word of mouth quickly spread the message through the playground that Kids Like Us was the place to be! In 2016 we were delighted that this club was also recognised as outstanding by Ofsted, a fitting recognition of the constant attention to detail and care given to make sure that the children have the best time.

Located in a secure double mobile classroom the children have ample space to play with friends of all ages or in their separate infant and junior areas. Children enjoy the comfort and familiarity of the home-from-home club room, kicking off their shoes as they relax on the sofa, choosing their toys and games from the large cupboards and playing on the Wii or playstation. The children can “free-flow” between indoor and outside activities and are actively encouraged to play outside on the playground or field whenever the weather permits. The children’s art and craft work create stunning displays around the room which they proudly show off to friends and parents. Children can attend other after school activities and join us when they are finished.

This club opens from 7.45am until 8.40am and from 3.00pm until 6.00pm.

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Southgate Primary School - 2018

In January 2018 we were delighted to open our third club at Southgate Primary School, Crawley, where word is spreading among children and parents that Kids Like Us is the best place to be before and after school.

The club is based in “The Base” room next to the KS2 playground, with access for parents via the gates on the left hand side of the school. Our staff are all qualified or experienced child carers. Our club supervisor is Chloe Marsh, who manages the club on a day to day basis, liaising with parents and school staff to provide the best care for the children. Chloe has five years experience at Kids Like Us and has previously run our large and very successful club at Holbrook Primary School for over 18 months.

Our Southgate club is run to the same high standards as our other clubs, giving every child a varied and ever-changing range of toys and activities. Daily craft and sensory activities, group challenges, team games and cooking fun makes every day different alongside the familiarity of imaginary and small world toys such as dolls houses, castles, role play boxes, traditional games, construction, sensory activities as well as daily arts and crafts. Whenever the weather allows we play games and sports outside and every afternoon we give the children a snack and drink. No two weeks are the same at Kids Like Us.

The club will be open from 7.45am until 8.45 am and from 3.15pm until 6.00pm.

A typical day

Breakfast Clubs

Our breakfast clubs open at 07.45am. As research shows that children perform better in school when they have had a good breakfast we encourage them to join us at the table for their first meal of the day. A typical breakfast will be a choice from a range of healthy cereals, toast and fruit juice.

After breakfast children are free to join in quiet play and group activities that means they are ready to learn in the classroom. At the end if the session we take children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 to their classes time for registration. Junior children make their own way to class.

After School Clubs

At the end of school our staff collect the younger children from their classes and bring them to club where they can choose from a wide range , small world, imagination, construction and role play toys as well as traditional and group games. Each week a different theme provides a focus for arts and crafts.

During the afternoon children are invited to enjoy a healthy snack and drinks to keep them going until home time. This is a social time for sharing news and experiences, group games and quizzes.

Kindness and good behaviour is recognised each week by our ‘Top Banana’ and ‘Top Junior’ awards and our Picture of the Week competition is a popular fight for prizes!